YOUR Cancer Movement Spotlights Oncology HCPs and Community

By: Onclive January 14, 2019

YOUR Cancer Movement Spotlights Oncology HCPs and Community

YOUR Cancer Movement Spotlights Oncology HCPs and Community

Advancing cancer care requires more than just science. It’s a collective effort driven by passionate individuals and organizations dedicated to making a difference for those living with and affected by cancer. For patients and their families, that community of healthcare professionals, researchers, caregivers,advocates, policymakers, educators and others who offer relief in extraordinarily difficult times are cause for celebration.

That’s the purpose of YOUR Cancer, a new effort to spotlight the countless individuals and organizations at the forefront of cancer care. The program looks to amplify the research, advocacy, policy, best practices, support initiatives and all of the important working aiming to one day eliminate cancer as a cause of death.


Celebrating the Difference Makers in Oncology Care

The program’s YOUR Cancer C2(Cancer Community) Awards recognize contributions made in four categories: extending quality care to underserved communities, improving the patient experience, advancing precision medicine or just doing something flat-out inspiring to improve oncology care.

Administered in partnership with Scientific American Custom Media, the C2 Awards recognize the unsung heroes of oncology – whether it be individual researchers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, patients, advocates or entire organizations – who are sometimes overlooked by traditional award programs and who work at the grassroots level to impact people living with cancer and their families.

Winners of each C2 Award, selected by a broad group of experts drawn from the community, will receive $50,000 that they can pay forward by donating to a non-profit organization that serves the cancer community. They will also be honored at a ceremony in New York City and have their work featured in a variety of media opportunities. Above all, the importance of paying it forward and spotlighting all those in the community exemplifies the spirit of YOUR Cancer to ultimately change cancer from one person’s journey into a true community effort.


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