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AstraZeneca Press Release: AstraZeneca Announces Winners and Recognizes Oncology Change Makers in Third Annual Cancer Community Awards

By: AstraZeneca October 20, 2021

AstraZeneca Press Release: AstraZeneca Announces Winners and Recognizes Oncology Change Makers in Third Annual Cancer Community Awards

National awards program introduces fifth award category encouraging health equity for medically disadvantaged communities

WILMINGTON, Del., October 20, 2021 – AstraZeneca, in partnership with Scientific American Custom Media, today announced the winners of the third annual Cancer Community Awards (or C2 Awards). A part of the AstraZeneca YOUR Cancer program, the C2 Awards celebrate diverse individuals and organizations creating meaningful change in the lives of people with cancer and their loved ones across five unique categories.

This year, a new Catalyst for Equity Award category was introduced to recognize those determined to overcome historical racial and ethnic disparities so that all patients who stand to benefit can have access to the latest advancements in oncology practice and quality care.

“As we commemorate 50 years since the National Cancer Act was signed and reflect upon the extraordinary progress made in treating this disease, we are inspired by this year’s winners and finalists,” said Chatrick Paul, Head of US Oncology, AstraZeneca. “Though we still have more to do toward one day eliminating cancer mortality, especially amid a pandemic that has laid bare the disparities disproportionately faced by disadvantaged communities, these unsung heroes, through their selfless dedication, demonstrate what we can accomplish as one oncology community determined to create meaningful change for people with cancer.”

“For scientific progress to be of true service to humanity, it must be accessible and available to all,” notes Jeremy Abbate, VP & Publisher of Scientific American. “We are so proud to play a role in the C2 Awards as it is a program steadfastly dedicated to rewarding those making enormous impacts on people’s health.”

More than 100 award nominations were submitted from 28 states and the District of Columbia. The winners, selected by a third-party judging panel of leaders in the cancer community, were recognized this week during a virtual ceremony. As part of their award, winners receive a $50,000 donation to give to a non-profit organization serving the cancer community.

The 2021 winners and finalists across all five award categories include the following:

The 2021 Cancer Community Awards Recipients

The C2 Catalyst for Equity award recognizes those who have worked to overcome longstanding racial and ethnic disparities in cancer care so that all patients have equitable access to quality cancer care.

  • This year’s winner is Equal Hope, represented by Anne Marie Murphy, PhD. Equal Hope (formerly the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force) works to save lives by eliminating health disparities across women’s cancers in Illinois.
  • Finalists included Carmen Ortiz, PhD, of Círculo de Vida, for her work to provide psycho-oncology support for Spanish-speaking cancer patients and their families; and Beulah Brent of Sisters Working It Out who improves health equity for African American and Latina women in and around Chicago.