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The Hill: The Battle Against Cancer: Setting the Next Agenda

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the National Cancer Act, discover lessons learned, silver linings from COVID-19, and what to expect as oncology advances.

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STAT: A Critical Component of Reducing Cancer Mortality Lies in Achieving Equity in Care

More people are surviving cancer than ever before. Learn how COVID-19 has impacted that statistic and brought disparities to light.

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AstraZeneca Press Release: AstraZeneca Announces Winners and Recognizes Oncology Change Makers in Third Annual Cancer Community Awards

National awards program introduces fifth award category encouraging health equity for medically disadvantaged communities. Learn about the winners.

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Scientific American: A Force For Equity in Cancer Care

All too often, race, gender, geography or social status determine the quality of an individual’s cancer care. Finalists for the 2021 Catalyst for Equity Award, part of the annual Cancer Community Awards, are standing up against such disparities.

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People Magazine: Meet the Unsung Heroes of Cancer Care

The winners of the 2020 Cancer Community Awards are redefining cancer care. Learn about these unsung heroes.

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The Washington Post: Cancer Treatment of Tomorrow is Personalized

COVID-19 has been devastating for cancer screening and oncology care. Yet, providers are hopeful about the future, thanks to targeted treatments for combating the disease.

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The Economist: The Future of Precision Medicine Oncology: Toward a New Post-Pandemic Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown there are critical gaps to fill in global health system resilience and precision medicine oncology diagnosis and treatments.

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STAT: Covid-19 has Exposed Existing Disparities among Underserved Cancer Patients, but Community Difference Makers are Fighting Back

Underserved communities bear a disproportionate burden to cancer care. Learn how COVID-19 has widened care gaps and how community leaders are fighting back.


Scientific American Inside View: An Ecosystem to Improve Cancer Care

Cancer is not a disease fought alone. The stronger the community, the better the oucomes for all. Learn more from Scientific American.

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AstraZeneca Press Release: AstraZeneca Announces Winners and Recognizes Unsung Heroes of Oncology in 2020 Cancer Community (C2) Awards

The second annual Cancer Community Awards program draws more than 130 nominations from 31 states. Learn about the winners.


The Economist: Navigating the Next Frontier of Precision Medicine Oncology – Challenges and Opportunities amid Covid-19 and Beyond

Learn about challenges and opportunities facing precision medicine oncology during COVID-19 and beyond.


STAT News: The Importance of Precision Medicine in Oncology: How Covid-19 has Disrupted Progress in Patient Care

How has COVID-19 disrupted progress in patient care? The impact on precision medicine has been profound.


STAT News: Strengthening Our Commitment to Combating Cancer

Discover the four focus areas to learn from to move closer to eliminating cancer as a cause of death.

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AstraZeneca Press Release: Change Makers Across the Oncology Community Recognized at 2019 Cancer Community (C2) Awards

The oncology community gathered to celebrate the winners of the first Cancer Community (C2) Awards. Discover the winners.


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